Starting Out – How We Have Defined Our Vision and Why

I appreciate your taking the time to land in our very first post.

Technically, this post will come in no use. It will rather give you an idea or draw an imaginative picture of what we are intend to do here.

So let’s get started.

Starting Out

How We are Setting Ourselves Apart

Things are getting smarter. Now the doors in our house can work more smartly and securely. There are many keyless door lock technologies to secure our home.

The only difficulty we face is in choosing the right one. There are hundreds of good looking smart locks in the market. Which one will you choose?

We will try to make this thing easier. We will review products, highlight pros and cons and give you our verdict. You are one to choose.

P.S: We will publish one complied list post (e.g. 11 Best Deadbolts) after every 4-5 regular posts. Keep your nose to it to find something amazing.

Why We are Here

The question that will come to your mind first that “Why are we doing this?”. We don’t want to keep it a secret either.

We are Amazon Associates. We will affiliate the products we review here with proper enclosure of it. But rest assured that we will not talk as per the money. We will not work like the puppet that is chained to its master.

We will try to speak out how a product is exactly. Check some of our reviews and you will understand we don’t not tell bad things good.

After all, staying online means time, effort, dedication and hundreds of dollars yearly. We will use this site to earn a good income while promising to deliver the value you expect.

Who is The Person Behind


Please don’t expect a team of geeks or classic technicians here. Hi, my name is Abrar and I am the team of one person behind this small site.

I am 20 years old, living in Bangladesh (neighbored by India and Myanmar). First things first, I am not a doctorate in home security or anything such.

I love researching online. I will use my researching skill to write contents as effectively as possible. I will be the person writing here while some writings could be outsourced by freelance writers.

Here is to answer your question respecting the job I do online. I am an affiliate marketer, content writer and an SEO enthusiast. The other project I am working alongside is Smart Geek Wrist, which is similar to this site but on smartwatch niche.

If there is anything I can do for you or something I must be informed about, give me a heads up:

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