Schlage BE365 Review – Sturdy No Wiring Manual Keypad Deadbolt

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4.5/5 on December 2, 2017

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4,864 reviews


  1. Backup key locking
  2. Silicon-coated backlit keypad
  3. Battery lasts up to 3 years


  1. No automatic locking/unlocking


If you are looking for a keypad based deadbolt which is easy to install and has a sturdy built featuring a Grade 2 Residential Rating, Schlage BE365 is a good one.

A keypad based lock might be the smartest addition to your home. In this category, the Schlage BE365 can pick up your attention pretty quick.

Controlling a home or a garage access is a bit of disturbing with a physical key. You have to carry it everywhere while also worrying that it should not get lost. A keypad lock can make easier to lock and unlock your home without any key.

The Schlage BE365 is simple yet a sturdy keypad deadbolt. It is best for setting it up on your home front door or in a garage. It works on access codes that you can program and distribute between your family members.

Scan the review to find out how many ways this smart lock can add to your home security.

Built & Design

Schlage BE365 is a solid lock with a Grade 2 higher residential security rating from ANSI. There is a silicone-coated keypad on it which will prevent the numbers from fading. The keys feature backlit for efficient night use.

There are knobs on both sides. The outer knob spins freely unless it is activated with the correct access code. This knob also features a keyhole for the people who want to unlock it in the traditional way. You will get two standard keys in the package.

This lock is available in two identical models, Camelot and Plymouth. The only difference you will see is in the shape. The Camelot design has four sharp corners where the Plymouth has round corners. The purpose of these models is to pair with your home.

There are total six color variants. These are Satin Nickel, Satin Chrome, Bright Brass, Antique Brass, Aged Bronze and Antique Pewter.

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CAM 619 Satin NickelCAM 626 Satin Chrome

CAM 620 Antique PewterCAM 609 Aged Bronze

CAM 716 Aged BronzeCAM 505 Bright Brass


Programmable Access Codes: The Schlage BE365 is easily programmable. There is a label on the lock containing one programming code and two user code presets. You can use the programming code to create up to 19 access codes for friends and family. You may use the default pre-programmed user codes or remove them.

Silicon-coated Keypad: The keypad of this Schlage lock is silicon-coated. Meaning that you don’t have to worry about the code pattern being seen after a long time use. The keypad numbers will not fade away so easily.

Backup Key Locking: You will get two keys with this lock for emergencies. It may happen sometime that the battery is down or you are unable to get into the house using the keypad. You can use the given key to override the lock and gain access.

Backlit Keypad: Some people may not have any light fitted in front of their doors. It may also happen that the light is too dim to see the numbers on the keypad. For that cases, the backlit in the keypad is a must. Hit the Schlage button and the keypad will light up.

Vacation Mode: This smart lock features a vacation mode for more usability. When the vacation mode is on, no access code gain access. You have to disable the vacation code first to enter access code mode.


Schlage BE365 requires a 9V battery to work. There is no motor in the device. The battery will work only for lighting the keys and engaging the lock.

What if the battery goes down? The lock will give you warnings for several days before it is completely down. You can replace it easily by removing the inner side cover.

You might think why is there a keyhole in a keyless device. It is for mere emergencies. You will get two standard keys in case your keypad is not working.

And for that, of course, you have to put the key in a place where you may find it in your emergencies.


It is easier than you think. You need a 2-1/8″ hole in your door and a screwdriver. You can replace it with your any existing deadbolt if you have the same size hole. There are mainly two screws that attach one part to the other.

This lock simply needs no wiring. There is no motor that would require any power source to turn the bolt. There is a battery in the inner part that enables the backlit and low battery alert.

Some valid sources say that it will take less than 30 minutes to install the lock with proper kits.

Note that Worth: Is The Schlage BE365 Good Enough?

Schlage BE365 is secure and solid with the Grade 2 residential rating. It is easy to install and needs no wiring. The outside knob spins freely unless the correct access code is entered. So it will be more difficult to break by wrench attacks.

The lack of auto locking feature may seem like a disadvantage. But it will be great in the long run. It will avoid relying on a motor or a battery for turning the knob. It is more secure and may last longer than the other motor based locks.

There is nothing wrong with this smart lock if you want to go plain, simple but keyless. Check how Schlage BE365 has been reviewed on Amazon.