MiLocks DKK-02SN Review – Traditional Door Knob Made Smart

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3.8/5 on December 14, 2017

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789 reviews


  1. Supports auto locking
  2. Backlit keypad for night use
  3. Two physical backup keys


  1. Buttons are not great
  2. Batteries drain out fast


If you want to buy a door lock that will offer you access by keypad but give you the feel of a traditional door knob, MiLocks DKK-02SN is the right one.

If you are using normal door knobs, you are outdated. MiLocks DKK-02SN might turn out to be the best replacement for it.

Your evergreen door knobs do serve their purposes. They make your home secure. But it doesn’t really offer you the twenty-first century’s convenience.

You have to carry a physical key with you always. While the headache of not losing the keys is another pain on it.

MiLocks door knob makes it possible to forget your keys. You can control access to your home or room using a code-based keypad door lock.

Built & Design

MiLocks DKK-02SN looks exactly like a door knob with a keypad attached. The knob is bigger and feels stronger than a plain knob. It is made of metal with a smooth finish on it.

It has a Residential Grade 3 rating from ANSI. This lock is advised to be used on interior doors. You can use it outside like on your front door, garage or storehouse. But the risk is yours.

The keypad is backlit. It lights up when you push the Mi button. There are a lock and a unlock button. For unlocking, you have to enter your keys and press unlock. The lock button triggers the motor to turn the latch.

While the overall built quality is good, there are a few complaints. The buttons came off quickly for some customers. The 25-years mechanical warranty of the lock should have covered them up.

This lock is available in four different colors. These are (1) Satin Nickel (2) Antique Brass (3) Oil-Rubbed Bronze and (4) Polished Brass.

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Satin NickelPolished Brass

Oil-Rubbed BronzeAntique Brass


Keypad Access: Forget your physical keys. You can configure up to six user passcodes and the length can be 2 to 8 digits. To get access, enter your key and press the unlock button. Press the lock button and the door will lock automatically.

Adjustable Latch: Different locks could have different sizes for latches. The latch of MiLocks DKK-02SN is adjustable to 2-3/8”or 2-3/4”. You have to find out which size is yours and adjust it accordingly.

Auto Lock: Can you remember how many times have you forgotten to lock your door after entering your home? When the auto lock feature is on, it will automatically lock after 8-10 seconds using a small motor.

Backlit Keypad: There is a backlight setup under the keypad. The keys will illuminate when you hit the Mi button. So you may not have any problem using it at night hours.

Audible Tones: It makes unique audible sounds when it locks, unlocks and when the batteries are low. The buttons also beep when you press them. It will help you confirm whether your action was successful or not.

Physical Backup Keys: This lock comes with two backup keys. Problems don’t come by knocking. If the battery runs out unfortunately without any warning, you can gain access using these physical keys.

Warranty: This smart lock offers 25-years of mechanical warranty, 1-year of electrical warranty and lifetime exterior finish warranty. They seem to cover you up for a very long time.


This MiLocks door knob takes 4 AA batteries that are sold separately. It is the plain battery that you will find everywhere. You can open the battery compartment by removing one small screw on the backside.

The batteries last one year on average. The lasting might be more or less depending on how frequently you are using it. You can use rechargeable batteries if you want. But make sure those batteries are in good health.

One important information I found that the auto lock motor greatly affects the battery life. So if you are the guy who is okay with locking manually, you can do so and save some power in the batteries.

This lock notifies you several times when the batteries are low. You will get the time to replace them yourself before it is dead. Two physical backup keys come with this lock. You may put them in your relative’s house for emergency access.


Installation of this MiLocks DKK-02SN is easy. You can mount it in a regular knob hole. No extra drilling is required. If you don’t need to make the knob hole on a fresh door, you can complete the installation in 15 to 30 minutes.

The latch is adjustable to 2-3/8-inches (60mm) or 2-3/4-inches (70mm). It comes with an installation guide with pictures. That is what you would simply require. A tiny screwdriver is included in the box for unscrewing the battery cover.

You have to uncover the battery compartment for programming it. You will find three buttons below the batteries. They are for setting up new codes, clearing codes and configuring the auto lock feature. Those buttons are so small that you will need a screwdriver to push them.

Note that Worth: Would It Be a Mistake Buying MiLocks DKK-02SN?

MiLocks DKK-02SN has a Residential Grade 3 rating which is not great. Grade 2 would be a better option but you cannot blame it. The price is lower than the others.

This lock works as it should. It allows you to lock or unlock without keys. The buttons are okay, not great. 25-years of mechanical warranty will cover it up. It is a good replacement for your traditional indoor door knobs.

Some people do use it outside on the front door without problems. But technically it is not recommended to put a Grade 3 lock on the front door. It is all up to you.

What I ultimately think about this lock is that it gives you more than a standard door knob. If you are unable to raise your budget for an advanced smart lock, this is the go for you.

Why would you hear a nonsense like me? Check how MiLocks DKK-02SN has been reviewed on Amazon by hundreds of people.